Do you know anyone right now who will enjoy some nice words from you?

We are excited to share SILKTONEZ with you and eager to hear about your experiences sharing and communicating with the Video Cards we offer.


This idea grew out of a moment of realization that we are becoming quite creative with tools but communicate less.

Technology has given us access to friends and family, but we are sharing less of how we really feel.

We know many more people but feel more alone.

Often, we are too busy or too distracted to appreciate each other.


SILKTONEZ Video cards are created to appeal to the mind, the soul and the spirit.

It's righ, accesible, and easy to send to as many people as you wish.

A balanced combination of spoken word, poetry, music and pleasing images to help deepen your communication.

It's not just what you want to say but as you know 'who you say it'.


We all have moments where we can offer a rich message to someone we care about.

We are eager to hear your feedback about how we can help you with SILKTONEZ.

Please take a minute to share with us in the feedback form below and help us create content that is meaningful to you.

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